Discuss The Differences Between The Us And Soviet Union

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Once the Axis powers were defeated the differences between the United States and Soviet Union became self-evident. Although both the US and USSR had very strong and powerful militaries they used them to enforce very different ideas. The US used theirs to enforce capitalism and the USSR enforced communism. The US promoted individualism while the USSR promoted equality. Although the US and USSR seemed to have absolutely nothing in common they both had extremely strong militaries. The US and USSR feared each other because they were afraid that the other would take over their country and spread their own government ideas. With that, the USSR sets off the first atomic bomb and soon after the United States and Soviet Union were involved in an “Arms Race”. Both countries built up strong armies and worked up a huge stock of nuclear weapons believing that this would prevent a nuclear war. The main difference between the US and the USSR is their government systems. The US promoted capitalism the economic system in which individual people invested in goods to make profit. Communism which the USSR promoted is one group of people that…show more content…
In the United States personal freedoms were highly valued. Citizens had maintained freedoms, opposing political parties and economic choices. However, the USSR was a classless society in which the government owned everything. Citizens living in the Soviet Union were under a totalitarian government. Citizens had no freedoms and did not pick their own leader. Equality was highly valued in the USSR; people had their basic needs supplied by the government to ensure everybody was equal. In the United States people were considered individuals, they were able to have schooling, picked their own jobs and bought whatever they pleased. Citizens living in the USSR picked their own jobs but were all paid the same
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