Modern History Assignment- Battle Of Stalingrad

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July 17, 1942- February 2, 1943 Timeline * July 17, 1942-Battle of Stalingrad begins as the Luftwaffe begins to bomb the city and Soviet shipping on the Volga River. * August 23, 1942 - Panzer column reaches Volga River just north of Stalingrad. * September 13, 1942- German ground offence starts on the city of Stalingrad. * November 19, 1942- The Red Army begins Operation Uranus, which is made to encircle all of the German soldiers in the city and not let them out. * November 23, 1942- the encirclement of the German Army is completed and 290,000 Axis troops are trapped within the city, with no supplies. * December 12, 1942- Field Marshal von Manstein’s army group launches an attack to relieve the 6th Army in Stalingrad. The German advance is pushed back by the soviet army. * February 2, 1943- The German Army that is trapped in Stalingrad surrender, therefore giving up the city of Stalingrad to the Soviets. Key Historical Concepts- Autocracy- Absolute rule or government by one person. This relates to my studies, with how the German and Russian governments are run, with Joseph Stalin leading the Russians in an Autocracy and also Adolf Hitler leading the German nation in an autocratic government. Communism- An economic system that encourages individuals to make profits through investments and private ownership of goods, property and the means of production, distribution and exchange. This is very closely linked to my assignment as the Soviet state was a communist country. With Russia being a communist country this created hatred between the Nazis and the Communists. This is probably the main reason that the whole invasion of Russia (or Operation Uranus) took place. Internationalism- The promotion of the belief in global cooperation rather than national rivalry. This is how the Soviet Union was run
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