Communism and Democracy

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Communism and democracy are two different political systems based on differing ideologies. Communism is a socioeconomic structure which is mainly based on the idea of the establishment of a society free of class and state. On the other hand democracy is a political system of governance which is either carried out directly by the people or by the representatives they elect. The main concerns of communism are equality and fairness on the basis of common ownership. Power is vested in a group of people, who may intervene or rather interfere in the public life of others. The decisions of this group has even a quite big influence on the activities of people. In democracy the representatives elected by the people are there to serve them and are bound to a good extent by their wishes. Some famous examples of communism are China, Vietnam and Cuba. The biggest difference between communism and democracy lies in their economic systems . In the system of communism production and distribution of goods and resources is completely controlled by the government and is shared by the society equally. It is not so in case of democracy where these things can be owned by individual citizens. Community has the main control over resources and goods to prohibit the rise of a single person or group over the others. Democracy allows for free enterprise and accordingly the economic status of people may vary in a country from very rich to poor. Communism does not allow for private ownership of property . There can be marked many obvious and contrasting points in these two economic systems. In a communist system the whole planning of the economy remains in the hands of the government. Small businesses generally do not exist in a communist society because of the immense powers vested in the hands of the government. Communist economy provides only those goods or services which the
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