The Red Scare: Communism

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The Red Scare Justin Nelzen HIS145 Sarah Farenick Oct 31, 2012 The Red Scare The Red Scare was based on the perceived threat of Communism, which few at the time knew little about. Communism is the political and economic system based on the principle of distributing properties to people according to their need gained from their ability. This system focuses on giving the control over the production of goods in a society to the people directly involved with the production work. In general, Communism stops the existence of social classes and let the people live in profusion without a ruling class over them. This theory was made well-liked to people by Karl Marx and Friedrich in their Communist Manifesto, 1848. So it clarifies that in Communism people will have no personal possession to the properties and the society should be equal. The people known as Anti-communists are actually defined for their position in opposition to Communism rather than their deeds and initiatives. These people say that the way of life in Communism is not accepted by anyone as a good one. Anyone alone may say that the way defined in Communism is a wrong way to lead a life and controlling life of someone living in the interior of a specific state is not correct either. In 1930 a big part of people’s life was Communism; as it looked much more…show more content…
The senator believing in McCarthyism was running everywhere and he was informing people about the change of life that might come in reality by the people he pointed out as communist. Afterwards there were other parties like socialists and liberals joining the network but they didn’t give consent in breaking the old beliefs. McCarthy frequently informed people that they were going to lose their human rights because of
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