Problems With The Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation was adopted in 1777, but did not get passed into law until 1781. It would only last for eight years, for it was not a total failure nor was it great success. The articles had problems with currency, interstate commerce, and foreign affairs. These few reasons, including many more, would bring the Articles of Confederations into its great demise. The largest problem with currency was that each state printed there own money. Different merchants from each state couldn’t trade with each other, for the money they would be trading would mean nothing in their home state. This also made the national currency almost worthless. The government also had money problems as they were not allowed to tax the people. This brought great debt on the nation’s government. The government had to ask for money from the state legislatures, and were denied more than accepted for more money. The failure of a supreme authority to regulate interstate commerce became a problem because, although Congress was allowed with the sole authority to negotiate foreign treaties, it did not have the power to control trade between individual states and foreign countries The problem with interstate commerce was states would placed tariffs on each other's goods which combined with currency problems led to a decline of interstate commerce. There were no set rules on each state trading with each. Soon after the articles, people would stop trading interstate. There were many problems with Foreign Affairs, such as the inability of the national government to raise an army left the US vulnerable. For example, the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War, was not enforced. As a result, the British continued to occupy forts in the Northwest Territory which were parts of the US. The government would send officials to different countries, but they did not know if the person was
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