Why Did the Relations Between Usa and Ussr Become Worsen in by 1947? (10 Marks) Essay

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Why did the relations between USA and USSR become worsen in by 1947? (10 marks) The main reason was because of the disagreement between USA and USSR during the wartime conference. Both nation worked together as United member, but this alliance was just a marriage of convenience between communist and capitalists united only in their opposition to Hitler. In Yalta conference, they had different views towards the setting of democratic government. Although they agreed to work for democracy, but they have different interpretation of democratic. USSR believe democratic government should be a communist one, as communists truly represent the people; but USA think it should involve different political parties competing to win people's support in free election. Disagreement had change their relations. The success of this conference were mainly based on Stalin's relation with Roosevelt, but the situation in the next conference change when Roosevelt died and Truman became the new USA president. Their relations were worsen during Potsdam conference. Truman were the new USA president, he is very different from Roosevelt, he was much more anti-communist and suspicious of Stalin, he saw USSR's action in Eastern Europe a preparation of taking over the rest of the world. In Potsdam conference, USSR and USA had disagreement on the future of Germany, USSR want to impose heavy reparation on Germany as fear a strong Germany would post a threat to USSR in future, however USA want Germany to rebuild as Truman did not want to repeat the mistake in Treaty of Versailles again. Stalin was determined to protect USSR interest, so he was dissatisfied as the part of Germany he was controlling was pooper and less industry. Stalin was also obsessed with the security of USSR so the successful test of atomic bomb in USA

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