American Involvement In The Vietnam War Essay

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Essay; American Involvement in the Vietnam War Initially, the Vietnam War was in essence was a civil war with contesting rival ideologies, Communist North and Capitalist South.1 The Geneva Conference of 1954 brought the small-scale conflict of differing ideologies into the international arena. 5 As the superpowers, Russia and America were seeking to avoid direct confrontation, the opportunity to oppose the antagonistic ideals had arisen, both United Soviet Socialist Republic and the USA assisted the governments sympathetic to their own.2 As historian, H.R Cowie succinctly commentated “the rival claims of the two Vietnamese governments rapidly became entangled in Cold War animosities.” 1 The Vietnam War became a playing field for Cold War conflict when America became involved, increasing the need for communist superpowers to oppose them in the area and spread their influence by…show more content…
1 The USA was deeply hostile towards the Soviet Union and fearing a spread of communism, adopted a policy of containment. 4 In Vietnam the target of containment was Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminh front he had created in 1941. Ho and his chief lieutenants were communists with long-standing connections to the Soviet Union. 5 Hoping to halt a takeover by the communist North Vietnamese (led by Ho Chi Minh) 6, US officials chose to support the anti-Communist prime minister of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem1,. As opposed to the other superpower, America got directly involved, sending not only financial aid1 but actively participating in the military effort. American involvement in the Vietnam War was an unnecessary commitment which negatively impacted on public opinion of the United States government throughout the world during the 1960’s and turned the civil war between North and South Vietnam into a theatre of operation for the great power rivalry which resulted in increased cold war
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