History: The Vietnam War

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Canyon Breazeale Mr. Tarrillion English II- 4 2/20/12 The Vietnam War More than three million people were killed during the Vietnam War, and more than half of the casualties were Vietnamese civilians ("Vietnam War"). The Vietnam War began in 1945 and ended in 1975; however, the United States did not get directly involved until 1955 (Schomp The Vietnam War 70). Throughout this relatively short time period more than one hundred and twenty billion dollars were spent all focused on furthering the war effort ("VietnamWar"). Also this large sum of money was primarily spent on one main mission, stopping the spread of communism and preventing the effects of the "Domino Theory" from becoming a reality (Mason Chickenhawk 60). During the Vietnam…show more content…
But United States leaders had other concerns. No sooner had World War II ended, then a "Cold War," between the forces of democracy and communism began (Schomp The Vietnam War 5). Long years of fighting had devastated the democratic nations of Western Europe, which left the communist Soviet Union as the dominant power in Europe and Asia (Schomp The Vietnam War 5). The Soviet Union had already over run most of Eastern Europe; now they seemed determined to spread communism all around the globe (Schomp The Vietnam War 5). To help counter that threat Truman started secretly sending money as well as supplies to help back the French forces against Ho Chi Minh's forces (Schomp The Vietnam War 5). This led Ho to seek help from China and the Soviet Union, which made Ho favorable towards communism (Schomp The Vietnam War 5). Although the United States was not directly involved in the war until 1955, they did still indirectly play a role in the move against Ho Chi Minh's forces. In an attempt to regain control, France left the French educated, strongly anti-communist Bao Dai in control of the region ("Vietnam War"). This enraged Ho Chi Minh, and his forces immediately rose up seizing the northern city of Hanoi, creating the Democratic Republic of Vietnam ("Vietnam War"). This would lead to the split of the nation creating North and South Vietnam ("Vietnam
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