Technology of the Civil War

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Technology of the Civil War The Civil War was a time of great social and political turmoil. It was also a time of great technological change. The war, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, was known as the deadliest war in American history. It divided the nation into two. When people think of the Civil War, they think about the causes of the war. They think about the battles, the leaders from each side, the outcomes of each event, and the new agreements that had been settled on after the war. However, many people don’t realize and take into consideration the significant amount of new advancements that were made in this period of time. Inventors and military men developed new types of weapons, such as the repeating rifle and the submarine, which forever changed the way that wars were fought. These technological innovations had a major impact on the way people fought the Civil War. Even more important were the technologies that did not directly play roles in the battle, however played major impacts on the war itself, like the railroad and the telegraph. Innovations like these did not just change the way people fought wars, they also changed the way people lived. As the years progressed, so did the advancements. Before the Civil War, soldiers would use muskets. These muskets would hold one bullet at a time. Its range would cover about 250 yards. However if the soldier wanted to have any type of accuracy with it, he would have had to stand much closer to his target, roughly 80 yards. Another weapon being used was the rifle. It had a much greater range than the musket. A rifle’s range would cover about 1,000 yards, and was far more accurate than the musket’s. However, these rifles were almost impossible to use during battle because of the fact that it took too long to reload. The reason for that was because of the size of a rifle’s bullet. It had the same size in diameter

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