China and Taiwan Strait Conflict

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Why can’t everyone be friends? This is a common question people throughout the world today ask. With rising conflicts and wars throughout the world, people wonder why these conflicts occur. The general cause is differences in the way their society is ran. The differences in political, economic and military cause wars and conflict. For several decades the conflict of the strait has been going on. Relating back to the question, people are wondering why China and Taiwan cannot be friends. China and Taiwan, while in practice maintaining a fragile status quo relationship, periodically grow impatient with the diplomatic work that has kept the island(Taiwan) separate from the Communist mainland(China) since 1949. After losing the civil war to Communist Chinese and fleeing to Taiwan in 1949, the nationalist Kuomintang (Also called the KMT) leaders of the Republic of China regarded the Communist Chinese government as illegitimate, claiming the mainland as rightfully their own.(Steinfield) Beijing, in turn, regards Taiwan as a renegade province, and has tried repeatedly to persuade the island to negotiate a return to the idea(Taiwan). The KMT returned to power in 2008 after being in opposition for eight years. During this time President Chen Shui-bian and his Democratic Progressive Party had engaged in policy that widely departed from the KMT, invigorating efforts to seek Taiwan's sovereignty. Current President Ma Ying-jeou takes a decidedly more conciliatory approach; shortly after taking office he declared a "diplomatic truce" with China. Since then, Taiwan's relations with the mainland have improved.(China) The two sides sharply disagree on Taiwan's political status. The People's Republic of China felt that there is only "One China" and Taiwan is an inalienable part of it. Beijing says Taiwan is bound by the consensus reached in 1992 between the representatives of
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