Essay On Civil War Unavoidable

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Throughout history, mankind has waged war against each other various reasons. These reasons are often times proven to be trivial and superfluous thus making wars preventable. The American civil war was a war that was inevitable because of key events leading up to the war divided the country to the point where it made war unpreventable. The first issue that made the civil war unavoidable was the Declaration of Independence (cite). The writer of the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson who wrote it based off the ideals of the enlightenment period. His main source of inspiration for writing the Declaration of Independence was from John Locke’s Natural Rights Theory (cite), which emphasizes that all men are created equal and have certain unalienable…show more content…
Even though the names and roles of the political parties were changed throughout time, they still divided and created turmoil because of the competition between them. This issue was foreseen by the first president George Washington. He even warned about it by writing it in his Farewell Address to America (cite) yet despite of his warning they instead continue with the political parties. Those parties became the Republican Party in the North and the Democratic Party in the South. There were many differences between the two and each difference created more and more tension until they reached the breaking point of war. An example of one would be the way that their economies’ were set up. The North’s economy was industrial centered while the South’s almost exclusively revolved on agriculture. The way that their economies’ were affected the way that their political parties acted. So the North’s industrial political party (Republicans) would support laws like high tariffs on cotton while on the other hand the South’s agricultural political party (democrats) would vote against. As a result of that they further divided the nation and brings it even closer to
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