How Did Hitler Dehumanize The Holocaust Terrorized

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The perpetrators Date: January, 26, 2012 Name: Chase Whitehouse Class period: 2nd [pic] Why and how did the Nazi perpetrators terrorize and dehumanize the Jews? A perpetrator is a person or group that executes a crime or carries out a crime. The Nazi ss were a group formed to be Hitler’s personal body guards. But the ss grew larger and larger as Hitler’s power grew. It started out with a couple hundred members then grew to a couple hundred thousand. Hitler now had his own personal army to do his dirty work. The Nazis tortured terrorized dehumanized and killed the Jewish people during the holocaust. The Jews were terrorized and dehumanized by being sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.…show more content…
They attempted to kill all of the Jewish people. This is called genocide. Genocide is when a certain person or group (Nazis) tries to exterminate an entire race or ethnic group. They wanted to do this because the Nazis thought that the Jews were inferior, and they saw them as a threat to Hitler’s rain of terror. At this time there were 9 million Jews in Europe. The Nazis killed 6 million of them. That is 2/3 of the Jewish population gone. They were people just like you and me. And they were senselessly murdered just because they were different. Nothing today can compare to the holocaust because it was so massive and unforgettable. But the holocaust has taught us about how people need to treat each other. If people start to treat each other like the Nazis did the Jews there is no stopping another holocaust from happening again. The Nazis were judgmental raciest and disgusting people who hated anyone who was different then them. The Nazis killed, tortured, and dehumanized 6 million Jews, just because they were different. The information in this research paper is very important because if we forget about the past mistakes, then it is likely it will happen again. To ensure that the world is a better place one must be carful to question our leaders, never follow bad leaders, and prejudice beliefs

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