The Holocaust: The Importance Of The Holocaust

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Holocaust Why was there a Holocaust, how did it affect people and why is it important that we remember it? Task 1 The Holocaust was an extremely tragic period of time in history between the years of 1933 to 1945. At an approximately 11 million lives were lost because of cruel racial prejudice. The killings took place in Europe during World War two run by the German Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler. The majority of the victims killed were Jews because they were undesirable and not the same race as the German Nazi’s. Nearly every 7 out of 10 Jews living in Europe were murdered. Part of the murdered victims consisted of people belonging to certain racial or religious groups, which the Nazis wanted to wipe out such as those who were not in the…show more content…
These changes were introduced slowly so that the civilian population would not realise the extent of what the Nazi’s main plan was. The lady explains how the government set up a scheme to change everybody’s name according to whether they were male or female. All Jews had to adopt a Jewish name, females had their middle name changed to become their first name and the name Sara became their middle name. While males had the same thing except their middle names were changed to Israel. The lady’s name was changed to Johanna Jutta Sara Gerechter and her husband’s name changed to Siegbert Israel Gerechter. This made a great impact on her family as all their names were changed and they had to decide whether or not to leave Germany as it was a suspicious law. This change was very important as many people didn’t become suspicious enough to leave Germany, this is what the government wanted so the population would stay as it was. Task 2b On the night of Kristallnacht, 9-10 November 1938 the situation for Jewish families was extremely dangerous. Ruth’s father took brave steps to protect himself and Ruth’s brother from the alarming surroundings. At the streets of Berlin violent rioting crowds (pogrom) was a very dangerous night as getting caught by the German military forces and other non-Jewish civilians could get them sent to concentration camps. Ruth (the lady in the video) talks about how that night her father took a risk at taking his son through the streets passing the riots, this is because doing this action would be the best
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