Effects Of Ww2 Essay

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Mike Thematic Essay Throughout World War II, there were many crucial events that changed the fate of the world as we know it, as well as the outcome of the war. These events had both positive and negative effects on certain peoples. Some were more devastating than others. Two major events during World War II that had major effects were Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust. Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union had a major impact on both the outcome of World War II and on the world after World War II. In breaking the Nazi-Soviet Pact, Hitler lost a potential alliance with the Soviet Union. After the Soviets managed the push back the Germans out of the Soviet Union, it forced Germany into a…show more content…
The Holocaust began after a Jewish youth from Germany shot a German diplomat living in Paris. Hitler then violently persecuted Jews, using the event as an excuse. The Holocaust began with Kristallnacht, when Nazi troopers destroyed Jewish-owned property in Germany. As a result of Kristallnacht, many Jews fled Europe and went overseas to places like the U.S.A. After Kristallnacht, Hitler ordered all Jews to be segregated into ghettos, which were living areas specifically for Jews. Hitler hoped the Jews would die of starvation or from disease as the ghettos had horrible conditions. Hitler eventually grew impatient and created massive concentration camps all over Europe. The aim of these camps was to exterminate Jews much faster. The Nazis eventually built massive gas chambers. The gas chambers lead to the deaths of thousands of Jews. About six million European Jews died in the death camps and in Nazi massacres. Fewer than four million Jews survived. After World War II, the Holocaust survivors created a new nation called Israel in the Middle East. Overall, the German invasion of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust were two events in World War II that had extremely powerful effects on the war and the world afterwards. Some of these effects were positive, and some were negative. Some of those very effects can still be seen today. Without a doubt, World War II had a major impact on almost everyone in the
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