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ENG 101, Section 1 21 September, 2012 “Katrina Documentary Gives Voices to Survivors” (207-209) This a review of the Spike lee´s documentary on the Hurricane Katrina, which talks about the Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Survivor, made by Denis O’neil (207 Lee). He says that it is very important for all people to know the disaster that happened on New Orleans, and the stories of the citizens, who are victims of the horror that happened in New Orleans (207 Lee). He started the documentary three months after Katrina hit New Orleans; he made eight trips with his crew to shoot the city, and interview the victims (207 Lee). The article is effective because of the organization description, victims’ stories and peoples’ quotes. The film is four hours longer, but it is divided into four one hour parts (207 Lee). The film shows disturbing and detailed pictures of the disaster while it was in progress, and also after the disaster was already done (208 Lee). In his documentary he recollects information from the citizens, who suggested with evidence that the inundation was not only caused by Katrina but the city´s levee system was not adequate for the city structure (208 Lee). The organization of the article is…show more content…
Lee also recollected testimonies from the victims like this one “It was absolutely horrific conditions” said survivor Fred Johnson on the interview to lee. “it was like being in the middle of a war and all you could do was stand there and feel helpless” (208 Lee). The victims’ stories like the one I just talked before makes the article even more effective, because he uses it to show how people were feeling during the disaster, and what people felt after it. He is using stories of real people to explain the effects that the tragedy caused in
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