Hurricane Sandy's Impact On New York City

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Hurricane Sandy left a huge impact on New York City. After the disastrous three day storm, many people lost their power, homes, and loved ones. Many trees collapsed on houses, cars and electrical wires. It caused a large amount of schools to be closed for a week and many of the schools served as a shelter home for the people that lost their homes. This hurricane killed about 40 people in New York City and most of the deaths were in Staten Island. Hurricane Sandy also caused major flooding in many places like Long Island, Staten Island and lower part of Manhattan. A lot of Con Edison trucks are trying to fix the power shortages and also remove many trees that had fallen. Many bridges were also closed and so many people couldn’t get to work.…show more content…
I also lost power for a day and a half. Having no electricity and internet was horrible. This society has adapted technology like computers and internet into their lives, and so having no power was very boring. Also, gas shortages are a big problem in New York City. The lines waiting for fuel in some gas stations are about a mile long and the people panicking over gas are making the situation even worse. Hurricane Sandy might have affected New York City in a negative way but I think of it as a lesson to the people of New York. It brought them a lot of anger but it got them aware of how much more they need to prepare for future natural disasters. This gave them the chance to rebuild and reconstruct their homes or restaurants. This hurricane taught the people of New York City to deal with these problems later on. Collins, Glenn. "Restaurateurs Face the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy." The New York Times. The New York Times, 07 Nov. 2012. Web. 07 Nov. 2012. <>. Reuters. "Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Anger Mounts Over Gas Shortages, Power Outages, Relief Supplies." The Huffington Post., 02 Nov. 2012. Web. 07 Nov. 2012.
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