Tom The Dancing Bugs Ruben Bolling Political Cartoon Analysis

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Tom the Dancing Bugs Deconstruction of the Bush Administration Ruben Bolling uses wit, exaggeration, and caricatures to critique issues in President Bush’s Administration. Bolling’s cartoons both satirize and take a position on actions taken by the United States government. His use of caricatures and humor is directed to a large and diverse audience. Bolling’s cartoons focus on major political issues the majority of the public can understand. However, Bolling’s message may be pointedly directed and harsh. His cartoons suggest the Bush administration attempted to establish a new government order in Iraq through war without considering the implications that might follow. This collection of cartoons highlights his belief that President…show more content…
Although, the majority of political cartoons place a negative outlook on whomever they are addressing, they “can encourage us to look critically at ourselves, and increase our empathy for the sufferings and frustration of others,” U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in opening remarks to the U.N. seminar. But they can also accomplish the opposite. They have, in short, a big responsibility” (Burkhart). Ruben Bolling understands his responsibility in his cartoons, to never cross the line by making a cartoon without knowing the facts behind the issue. Furthermore, political cartoons ideas are endless “Unless there is one subject of overriding importance or timeliness on a particular day, or some special outrage” (Block, 3). But any one cartoonist can create something out of nothing. Bolling’s usage of witty ideas, factual evidence, and his editorial purpose is extremely effective in his cartoons for which he strongly believes in, all required for a successful political…show more content…
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