Informative Speech: The Importance Of Good Credit

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INFORMATIVE OUTLINE WORKSHEET Topic: The importance of good credit. Specific Purpose: To inform of the power a credit score holds, how it can dictate quality of life and how to maintain a good score. Thesis Statement: It’s not something we really learn about in school, but credit is everywhere around us. It can assist us in enjoying life, but it can also cause unnecessary headaches and affect our quality of life. Introduction Attention Material: How many of many of us know our credit scores? Does anyone know how many credit scores we have? (3) How many have viewed their credit reports? Some may, but most won’t. Credibility Material: As a mortgage and loan banker and financial branch manager for 12 years, it was my job to…show more content…
There was a common factor with most clients; most were unaware of what good credit *truly* was. (Transition into body of speech) Body I. Main Point #1: What is credit? A. Subpoint: Credit is basically a grade we are given when being marked on how well we pay back the money we borrowed. B. Subpoint: Credit is everywhere around us, whether we actually realize it or not. Driving a brand new car? Credit. Moved into a new apartment? Credit. Opened a new checking account? Credit. (Why is credit important?) II. Main Point #2: Credit is important because it can often dictate what we can and can’t have. A. Subpoint: Good credit can help us with purchasing a new vehicle with a loan at a low interest rate. We can qualify for credit cards at low rates and no fees. Purchase things that otherwise we couldn’t pay with cash because of the higher cost. C. Subpoint: Bad credit can result in major headaches. It can haunt us for life. A lot of the new apartment communities won’t accept those who apply with poor credit, we can’t but a new car and if we do, our interest rate is through the
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