Gas Prices In California

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California Current Issue Research-Gas Prices Have you ever thought about driving a car along the west coast of California with the wind blowing your hair? Many people treat California as a place that is full of economic opportunities where people can fulfill dreams and many people prefer to live in California because of the nice weather and attractive landscapes. Car has become a very useful tool in people’s daily life in California. California is a state that lives on the wheels. You can see people in different colors driving cars on the road and beach. Being international students, many friends of mine buy cars to go to study, go to work and also go travelling. For California drivers, gas prices have become a big issue when people…show more content…
Some stations ran out of gas and shut down. For instance, many gas stations around the Los Angeles were forced to shut down. The ration suppliers could not afford the high price of fuel, which resulted from the shortage of petroleum. Consequently, many drivers had to wait for a long line at an opening gas station to get gas with a higher price. The increase of gas prices hurt the benefit of motorists. Because of the ridiculous high gas prices, many people have to choose pool car to share the transportation/gas fees with other people or use public transportation. For instance, my uncle, who lives in Foster City and works at downtown San Francisco, drives to work every day. However, when the gas prices went up, he had to take Caltrain-a kind of public transportation to go to work since it was cheaper than drive. However, it took longer time to go to work since he just needed 40 minutes to drive to work but he needed more or less two hours to go to work by Caltrain. He complained about the inconvenience with his colleagues and he found that his colleagues also had the same problems. Some of his colleagues chose to pool car, which means people drive to work with other strangers who work nearby and share the gas price. And they said that as gas prices increased, their wages were not increased as fast as gas prices. As a result, the increasing of gas prices bring inconvenience to people’s lives. In sum, the high gas prices mass people’s life since they need to consider the balance between gas cost and the value of convenience and time. In fact, on the one hand, people want to enjoy the convenience of cars and on the other hand, people do not want to pay the expensive gas

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