Argumentative Essay: The Buy Nothing Day In Canada

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Buy Nothing Day The term “money can’t buy you happiness” is not true for some people. In fact, people buy things to make them happy. Society purchases items all day, every day, spending money almost wherever they go; except for one exception, Canada. In 1992, Canada organized a Buy Nothing day where consumers did not buy anything within a period of 24 hours. This allowed society to be exposed to the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption. The United States is very prideful in its economy. We’ve fought for our freedom and we’ve made ourselves a “Big Brother” over some countries. With this being said, a Buy Nothing Day would not necessarily make the United States content. The results of a Buy Nothing Day would be both severe and dangerous; people would boycott,…show more content…
If the Buy Nothing day was to take place, there would be severe complications pertaining to transportation. People would rush to buy gas ahead of time and that would be dangerous. Also, gas prices would fluctuate when consumers would rush to buy their gas. You may be able to gauge how much gas you use and may prepare yourself for the Buy Nothing day but what if something obviously happened? What happened if your car broke down? You wouldn’t be able to have anyone look at it until the next day. Overall, the Buy Nothing day would cause many complications for transportation. The idea may come up that if we put the Buy Nothing day to use in the United States, stores would not close down and it would help the society economically recover; however, stores may lose money and may not be able to recover. Some stores may depend on a daily consumers to buy from their stores. Also, the schedule of truck delivery would be pushed back and result in chaos as they attempt to get back on the right schedule. In the end, stores would not necessarily close down however they would suffer a great

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