Week 3 Dq Mgt/448 Essay

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1. What is the current status of the telecommunications, energy, and transportation infrastructures of the world’s fastest developing countries? What effect does importing advanced technology, such as wireless technologies, into a developing country have on that country’s telecommunications, energy, and transportation infrastructures? How do these changes in infrastructure and technology alter business productivity? I believe that the status of the countries that are developing in fast ways, if they are not careful will over load their capabilities and it could shut down. When thing are expanding in such a fast way I feel like most of the time they are missing steps and or shortcutting projects causing a system over load. If there is a major shut down business will not be able to function. We rely on the internet to run a business, and computers to keep the systems in place. If they are interrupted they could cause major problem for the business. It reminds me for the Y2K scare when people where pulling money out of the banks because they did not know what was going to take place when we turned to 2000. 2. Can any product or service be marketed globally? If it sells in the United States, does it sell in another country? Explain why or why not. Can a product be marketed in the same manner in multiple countries? Defend your answer with examples. How might you relate the four Ps of marketing to customer relations management (CRM) in a global business environment? I feel that any product could be marketed globally, but that does not mean that it will sell in another country because it sells in the USA. I have a lot of clients that have moved to El Paso from Germany, I ask them what do you miss from Germany? My last client said she misses can liver that she puts on her toast. Anytime a company expands to the overseas market they need to approach things

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