Obesity Should Be Banned In America Essay

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How often do you ride in a vehicle? Could you go a day without your car? Could you go an entire year? Would you able to survive the rest of your life if the automobile was outlawed in the United States? Think to yourself of what our country would be like without vehicles. If the United States government one day decided to banish all vehicles from the country there would be many changes that would have to be made. Many Americans would have to change their entire lifestyle. In some aspects, this would be a benefit for society but in other ways it would be a major hindrance to our great nation. You may think that this would just cause you to walk more often than you do now. Think about this, now that there are no more vehicles in the country…show more content…
Today’s Americans, from young children to the elderly, are in danger of becoming obese. If we were to take away all forms of transportation then we would be forced to walk where ever we needed to go. This in turn would help reduce the number of cases of obesity within our society. By reducing the obesity rate, the need for medical care and certain procedures would be much lower. By reducing the need for medical attention there would be more money left in the pockets of Americans. This would have both a positive and negative effect on the economy. Personnel in the medical field would lose money but other parts of the economy would prosper. Instead of spending your last dollar on a medical procedure, you could buy your family enough food to eat like royalty. Do you feel that our nation as a whole would be able to make the necessary changes and be successful if this were to become law? Myself, I have mixed emotions. If there were a time table set up to slowly phase out the automobiles from our country then we would have a greater chance of conforming to these new rulings. On the other hand, if this became effective immediately, I think we will be looking at catastrophic riots to begin with. Once the rioting starts to settle down, we would start to notice a substantial decline in our economy and a very negative effect on everyone’s mental
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