Valid Fear Of Change

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Valid Fear of Change Change is an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another, or to make different from the way it was before. Change is feared in our society for many reasons. Most people fear change because they associate it with a change from good to bad or from bad to worse. One guess would be that we are bombarded from an early age with negative messages about change. We are encouraged to focus on all the bad things that may happen especially from our news and media telling us how things are not as good as they used to be. Another reason people fear change because it is the unknown. Lack of knowledge creates fear. People become comfortable with the status quo. So, even when something changes for the better, it takes energy to accept it. To me, change seems to be a valid fear that goes over looked because it happens every day. Change is natural and expected, whether it be for the better or the worse. Although we fear change, people do not resist all change. People will resist the changes which they think or suspect will make them worse off. If the change looks like it will cost more time and effort than seems reasonable, that is when people resist it. For example, Americans are afraid of health care reform and the thoughts of having a woman, black, or even a new president for that matter. Americans fear health care reform because it is a whole new proposal and they do not know what will take place when the change is made. They fear it will cost too much taxes will go through the roof. The fear of a new president takes place because in politics we fear the wrong decisions taken at a wrong time could possibly reverse the state of our economy. Change is all around us but the question that remains is, 'Is it for good or bad?' Humans as a whole are not good at coping with change and we resist it. We fear change, because we
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