Persuasive Essay On Texting While Driving

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In the U.S. texting while driving is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Everyday in the United States there are about nine people who are killed and over 1,000 who are injured by distracted drivers. In 2015 according to NHTSA, 660,000 people reported that during the day they used their electronic devices while driving. Distracted driving alone caused 3,477 deaths, 3,196 deadly car crashes, and a total of 391,00 injuries (Clerkin). A simple solution to this deadly problem is to enforce stricter laws or even banning texting and driving to save thousands of lives each year. One idea of a new law in New York called Evans law would allow cops to treat texting and driving like drinking and driving. This would be called the textalyzer…show more content…
Drivers under 20 years old have the most fatal car crashes that involve distracted driving. Forty two percent of teen drivers that drove within the last 30 days said they had sent a text or were on their phones while driving in 2015 (CDC). Not all states in the United States have laws in place for all drivers banning the use of cellphones while driving. Some states have laws in place just for teen drivers that don’t allow them to text and drive, but adults don’t have laws in place banning them from texting and driving. In June of 2017 only 14 states have a ban on handheld phone use and 42 states banned texting while driving and two other states have only banned texting and driving for new drivers. The united states should have all states ban texting and driving and also handheld phone use while driving. Although many distracted driving accidents happen with young drivers we should still ban using and texting on your phone while driving for all drivers not just teenagers. Our lawmakers should also enforce stricter punishments if caught using your phone while you are driving. Such as expensive fines, a license suspension, your car insurance rate increases, and possible prison time. Enforcing stricter texting and driving law and making harder consequences for breaking the law will encourage drivers to stop texting and driving because they wouldn’t want to face the strict consequences that come with breaking the

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