Using Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Banned

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Have you ever use cell phones while driving? Cell phones are used everywhere all the time. When I walk on the street, I can see half of the people texting and calling while driving and it’s very dangerous. There’s a lot of discussion if cell phones should be banned. Using cell phones while driving should be banned. First, car accidents occur because of using cell phones while driving. For example, according to, 25% of car accidents occur because of cell phones. This shows using cell phone in cars distracts people to drive. Because of this many people die for no reason. In addition, Secondly, banning cell phones while driving will decrease the amount of teenager’s death in car accidents. For example, according to, 5000 teenagers die by car accidents. If teenagers don’t use cell phones while driving, 1200 teenagers are going to be excluded from the list. This shows the reader to know that how life is important and nothing can compare to teenager’s life. In addition, more teens will reach their goal when they were younger. This means that more teens will become an adult if they don’t die during teenager’s age. Thirdly, banning cell phones while driving will decrease financial problems for many families. For example, some people don’t have car and medical insurance when they get into serious car accidents. This can make a person very stressful and need to pay the debts for a long time. These problems can lead a person to suicide. In addition, teenagers and adults should be careful on using cell phones while driving. If they are careful with it, car accidents will decrease and there will be no financial problems. Also, people won’t argue about getting cell phones illegalized while driving. Lastly, many teenagers will argue with my writing. I want
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