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Just Wait Jessica Erby Advanced Composition DeVry University Professor Onega Just Wait High school is supposed to be the highlight of a teen’s life before entering adulthood. The time of your life when you’re figuring out who you are and how you want to spend the rest of your life and even for some they find the love of their life in their high school years. It’s the golden years everyone holds so dear to their heart. Well almost everyone. One day a group of high school cheerleaders were taking a road trip to the beach to celebrate their soon to be graduation and as what they thought the beginning of their lives. On their way to the beach these five cheerleaders got into a horrific accident. The driver, seventeen year old Bailey…show more content…
There is so much we can do if people just invest the time and recognize how real this is. People don’t seem to understand or believe anything bad can come from texting until it actually happens to them. Then it’s too late but it doesn’t have to be. I’m no scholar or professional on highway safety but I do have common sense and I have been affected by this epidemic personally and that just puts fuel on the fire so I can save someone else from the pain it may bring. I lost a good friend of mine I known since I was middle school to texting and driving. Although he wasn’t the one doing it he was hit by a car on his motorcycle that was on their phone. He was in critical care and put on life support and they had to take him off because his family couldn’t afford it. So believe me I am not saying this for my health. I am saying it to raise awareness and credibility that this issue is very dangerous and can affect multiple people. It can wait, no text message or phone call is worth another human beings…show more content…
All it takes is a little knowledge and reasoning why this small percentage makes up so much of all our lives that we don’t even begin to realize. That being said I included some factual information to show that this issue is bigger than just another death statistic. Figure 1: This image above may seem not all that bad. The truth is that although the death seems rather low. It could be you or your loved one in that small fraction. Also just because someone’s life wasn’t taken from texting and driving doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected their life in some way or another. For example, most of these collisions that don’t end in death either in my brain injury, paralyzation and so on. Texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road. I can almost guarantee you that without awareness of this issue these numbers will continue to rise. So believe me when I say it can wait. Figure 2: This figure above also provided exceptional facts to the risks teens and young drivers are subject to when stepping behind the wheel of a motor vehicle with a cell phone. I don’t want to use these facts to scare people but to inform them that anything can happen to anyone and that no one is invincible. These small details may seem boring but if this paper can help change someone’s mind to stop using the phone while driving imagine how many lives alone one person can

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