obaying the rules of the road

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Why are obeying the rules of the road so important? Obeying the rules of the road, just like the rules of anywhere else, is important for your safety and the ease of everything. Imagine the United States, or any country with a lot of cars, without the rules to the roads. First of all, young kids would be taking their parents cars out and just driving around, even if they cannot see over the steering wheel. That isn’t very safe. Then, another problem would be when you are at intersections. Ones that are normally controlled by stop signs would be a little easier to navigate, but what about intersections that have stops light at an intersection of two fast speed roads. Everybody would be crashing in to each other, and then that we leave us with a bunch of crunched cars and fatalities. So obviously we understand that without the rules of the road it would not be safe at intersections, but what about on roads that do not have major intersections? I don’t want anybody speeding through my neighborhood, which they would do if there were no speed limit signs. If the road is only big enough for one car to get through so it should be a one way street, what are we going to do, back up and let the other car go and then move forward hoping another car does not come, but when they do have to back up again. I don’t think so. There’s another reason why having rules at all is important. Now what if we have all these rules but one person decides that they don’t need to obey them. They go flying through an intersection and cars going the other way crash in to them. Or they speed through a neighborhood and hit some little kid who is running in to the street for their ball. If one or two people on the road out of all the people on the road decides that they are not going to follow the rules of the road, then they would cause way to many problems to count. A real example of people

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