Should Drivers Be Prohibited From Using Cell Phone

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CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE: SHOULD DRIVERS OF AUTOMOBILES BE PROHIBITED FROM USING CELLULAR PHONES? COMPOSITION II WHITNEY TRIMBLE FEBRUARY 14, 2012 CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES DO CURFEWS KEEP TEENS OUT OF TROUBLE? DO VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES CAUSE BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS? SHOULD DRIVERS OF AUTOMOBILES BE PROHIBITED FROM USING CELLULAR PHONES? When driving a vehicle, there is a great amount of concentration to perform to keep steady on the road and make sure ourselves are safe. Today, most of the people who have license do not know how to drive responsibly and safely. In today’s research, we will raise the decision of cell phone: should they be prohibited while controlling a vehicle? I think they should be prohibited from those who control vehicles. There are many other factors that cause accidents. Some of the key elements that drivers give attention away from the road are as follows: eating drinking, reaching for a fallen object, applying make-up and talking to passengers. Cellular phones are useful but at the same time present danger for everyone. This is why I agree the use of cell phones should be prohibited. While the usage of cell phones is obvious, there are instances where they are used to report suspicious activity in the area. For instance, medical aid and reports on accidents where help is needed. In fact, ½ of cell phone usage in a car is used for this kind of help. 39 percent of all people who purchase cell phones have this in mind. It has been proven that a conversation of light topics on a cell phone does not change a driver’s perspective to external road events or the driver’s ability to drive. Arguments of this issue support if cell phone usage does not have an impact on driving, therefore it should not be banned. Quote of Roy Huntington from The Insider: “We’re talking ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ stupid.” He was referring
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