Reducing Risk: Concentrate On Distracted Driving

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Conlon, Michael, and Brenda Himrich. "Reducing Risk: concentrate on driving." Mass Transit 36.4 (2010): 52+. General OneFile. Web. 11 Nov. 2010 This article informs us of a specific method that was used to help control distracted driving. The persons that developed this simple program had become alarmed at the rising casualties that had become a problem in their company. It is evident that there is no way that a person can have a conversation on the phone without distracting themselves from the task of driving. They then decided that something needed to be done in order to halt this problem. They developed a program to help its operators stray focused on their driving, and to help control any distractions that might come up, even if they…show more content…
It was estimated that only 2% of drivers are able to successfully multitask while driving, which sheds light on how rare it is for a person to be able to drive well while being distracted by a cell phone. When speaking or texting on a cell phone our brain is choosing to pay attention to the conversation at the expense of being less able to drive correctly. Even though there is plenty of evidence of the dangers of cell phones, the habits of drivers are not changing. Many concerned persons think that more drastic measures should be taken to minimize driver distraction. This article is very useful in the way that it presents many cons to texting while driving. It gives evidence of the dangers that come along with this growing problem. It also gives insight on the processes that our mind goes through when we are trying to multitask while texting and driving. It gives psychological and numerical evidence to back up the claim that texting while driving is either the same or worse as driving drunk. It raises urgency to the fact that something needs to be done to halt this widespread…show more content…
"Texting impacts personal injury cases." Minnesota Lawyer (2010). General Reference Center Gold. Web. 9 Nov. 2010. In this article it is relating court cases to texting and driving. A lawyer is debating whether it is logical to relate crashes with the time of texting or using the phone. He states that many cell phone companies won't give records or even keep track of things like that. Another main reason is that even if a person was to be texting while driving most of the time he or she will not admit to it. This would cause for less evidence in a case where someone was injured in an accident. This source would be important to me in most of my essay in most of it. It has some good facts stated by a lawyer who is involved in lawsuits relating to car wrecks while texting and driving. The source states that a person texting while driving can be following the laws while texting and driving, and another person might be the cause of the wreck. Quotes “Most providers record that a text was sent, but not the exact time which makes it hard to match up the time of the text, with the time of the

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