Distracted Driving Essay

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Danger is a Call Away Distracted driving is a major cause of automobile accidents. Cell phones play a heavy role in this increasing issue, but there are many other activities that pull one’s attention away from driving. In definition, distracted driving is an action in which one takes their focus away from driving. In most cases it’s cell phone use, but common things like makeup, shaving, and eating are forms of distracted driving. In order to understand what distracted driving is and how to prevent it, one must know the causes and effects, but more importantly the prevention of this reoccurring issue. Knowing these elements may secure ones future by preventing unreasonable punishment. Transportation is essential to everyday life. Because automobiles are one the more readily used forms of transportation, more problems are bound to occur. There are different types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. Most people can operate a car without any trouble, but some people allow distractions to relocate their attention off the road. This idea is considered distracted driving and is becoming a frequent problem. Many people are subjects to this, but tend to believe otherwise. There are many ways to be distracted while driving; the most common distraction is cell phone use. Cell phone use is the most dangerous distraction because it involves all three of the different types of distractions. That being said, physically looking down at your phone will create even more danger to those around you. Things like eating, smoking, and talking to the passenger can be considered distractive driving. Death is a common fear that most humans have. Simple distractions can lead to serious accidents, which can sometimes result in death. In driving school, keeping your eyes and mind on the road is one of their main focuses because they want to maintain human safety. According
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