Distracted Cell Phone Users

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Distracted Cell Phone Users Cell phones are a wonderful piece of technology. They allow us to communicate with friends and family at all times. However, like most things, they can also be a hazard for people, and those around them, who use them carelessly. The overuse of cell phones has risen over the past few years. This has increased the rate of auto accidents, socially and emotionally distracted us from friends and family, cell phone users have put their own safety at risk while using their phone just walking down the street, and have caused distractions in the class room as well. People who text while driving are not only putting their own lives in danger, but also passengers in their vehicle and others on the road around them. There are so many fatalities on the roads today due to cell phone users. Just looking down at your phone for a second can cause an accident that could have been prevented if they would have just waited to reply to a text message or waited to answer a phone call until they were completely stopped and in a safe place to do so. Use of the cell phone while driving also seems to cause people to drive slower and not pay as much attention when changing lanes. Several states have had to ban cell phone use while driving because of this distraction. Cell phones are also a distraction for people just walking down the street or in a store. Cell phone users seem to walk slowly and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. They don’t react to things the same as if they were not on the phone. A person on the phone would be more likely to step out into traffic without even looking to see if there were any cars coming first. There was also an incident that made the news one evening regarding this very distraction. A lady was walking through the mall texting and fell into a huge, obvious fountain right in the middle of the mall. The
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