Sodas Should Be Sold At Schools

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SEBINEZA NDASARARA TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE COMPOSITION I&II WRITTING ESSAY CELL PHONE USAGE BY DRIVERS SHOULD BE BANNED As it have been said many times in different department of safety, the usage of cell phone consists many risks to both sides the driver and other road users. The reason being is that not only distraction but also disturbance of mental and physical use while driving. Therefore, after that short breaking apart of the subject, each one can understand how deepest it is to be disturbed while performing any act. Normally human brain needs a lot of concentration especially while it is in use where others can get involved in an action or incident. The reason is that, everything that has an effect toward your partner has to be done carefully and smoothly to avoid any harm on the other side. Driving, as a contradiction of what most of the people think driving is, it is a very dangerous and risky thing ever. Not only because it is performed with mechanical equipment which has no total insurance of delivering whatever is needed anytime, but also performed with a human who is more fragile and has much in his head. While driving, you have two things in your hands, your life and the life of others who are using either the same road or its side. Anytime you make a mistake it can affect your life and their lives too. That why anytime driving someone must use not only common senses but also all senses to make sure he is safer. When u go to any driving school the first thing you learn is to use mostly 4 senses (hearing, smelling, touching, sight.) so anytime that one is not in presence, something can happen involuntarily and it can cause a big injury and sometimes lost of lives. So, it is now clear that when using cell phone while driving you are committing a big crime which can be sued as a killing crime because you are putting your life in danger
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