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Texting while driving is an up rising issue in today’s society. The fact that people are too busy texting rather then paying attention to what really matters is critical. By not paying attention to the road can cause deaths or even serious injuries to other people. Through the use of logos, ethos, and pathos the photograph below shows what may happen if you’re more worried about a text rather then the actual road. Logos The graphic that I choose to describe that people should not text and drive, was photographed by the Zain Company. The Zain is a company that focuses on economic, social, and cultural projects. Their main goal is to have a positive impact on people around the world. The style of the graphic could possibly be a poster or…show more content…
I think the original purpose of the image is to really get the point across that people should not text while driving. It is trying to get peoples attention to ask them “is a text really worth looking at while you are driving, it cannot wait?” So the creator is trying to argue to stay away from texting and driving because losing your life or causing an accident just because of a text is not worth it. Pathos As you take a look at this picture different types of emotions and feelings go through your head. The emotion that the picture itself portrays for people to see is pain. The way the car is smashed to together just shows how hard the two cars collided together. Not only that but looking at the arm on the floor makes you imagine what happened to that person. The intended audience that this picture aims for are anyone who drives but mostly teenagers. The mindset of a teenager they think they have the ability to text and drive. They think just because they are being “smart” about texting and driving that it’s ok to do it. Although the intended audience may be teenagers it could also be for adults as well. Researchers say that adults have the same ability to text and drive as teenagers do. So seeing this image…show more content…
I saw this graphic on the website google as I was looking for images. This graphic would best serve those who are trying to get people to stop texting and driving. For example the Zain Company who photographed this picture wants people to realize that we need to be safer drivers. Ever text message can wait until you are done driving. Those that would most enjoy this image would be police officers because they’re the ones that have to stop and give out tickets to people who are texting and driving. So they would like to see this up on bill boards so that people can see what texting can cause. If more people see this image on the streets then the chances are people will stop endangering themselves and focusing on the road. Therefore that would lower the rate of accidents due to the texting and police officers would not have to make so many traffic stops. People would profit from this image because now most of the time people would make the right choice by not texting. They would maybe think to themselves “ wow a text message is really not worth being in a serious accident that could change my life.” If more people start thinking this way that makes the streets a little bit safer to drive on. I think the Zain company choice this particular subject because it is an important issue going on around the world. As a result in order to save more lives and keep people

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