Ban Texting While Driving

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William Vega English Comp I October 3, 2013 Ban Texting While Driving In the recent days there been quite an uprising in the debate over banning texting while driving. Carolyn McCarthy, a New York Democrat in the House of Representatives, argues that that there should a ban because the dangers that texting while driving brings. In my personal opinion is that there should be a law that bans texting messaging while driving because of all the risks and dangers that involves in it. After reading Carolyn McCarthy’s article, “Should Text Messaging While Driving Be Banned? YES.” I even feel more confident in my opinion that there should be a law that bans texting while driving. Texting while driving is a very risky and dangerous business that can even put the driver’s life and the lives of the people around them in danger. It distracts you from driving by not keeping your eyes on the road and your hands off the wheel in which it puts you in a dangerous predicament. McCarthy points out in her article, “I firmly believe that there is a time and place to be texting, but one situation where there is no excuse to be manipulating a hand-held device is while operating a moving vehicle” (2). I agree with this quote completely. The problem isn’t with texting in general. The problem is when people decide to check a message or send a message while driving. People in general need to learn when the right time and place to check and text on their phone. In recent commercials that I have seen, “No text is worth losing your life!” A lot can happen in that few seconds that you take your eyes off the road just to check a message. Texting while driving is like drunk driving if not probably worse than that. When you are drunk driving your focus on driving is tampered with and in which you’re not giving full attention on the road. When texting while driving you even have less of a
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