Are Cell Phones Dangerous

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Are Cell Phones Dangerous? In today's world, cell phones have become a common object in nearly everyone's hands. You walk out the door and people will not leave the comfort of their homes without their cell phone. Even the older generations are purchasing the basic cell phone in order to keep up with their families. However, in a time when the cell phone has become important to us, it has also caused great tragedies. Texting and driving have become as common and dangerous as drinking and driving. People stand on both sides of the issue and can provide great arguments for their side. Cell phone use while driving is common and considered quite dangerous. The number of accidents that are cell phone related have made cell phone use while driving illegal. Some places have enacted laws that allow the use of hands free devices and banned the use of handheld devices. Hands free devices come in the use of Bluetooth that are placed in or on the ear. Newer model vehicles also have the capability to use Bluetooth capability. Car manufacturers have taken heed to the need of limiting cell phone use while driving. Even with Bluetooth capability, the need to drive without distractions is and should remain a priority. All to often, teenagers seem to be the ones that are found guilty texting and driving. The laws put in place about banning handheld devices is often aimed to minors and ones who are new license holders. It has become hopeful that with such bans, new drivers and minors will put away cell phones and maintain their attention to the road. A new proposal for the US Government may make it illegal to talk or text on a cell phone will driving anywhere in the US. This proposal will include hands free phone operation, since the government concluded that any kind of distracted driving may lead to fatal consequences. From the cell phone provider standpoint,
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