Use of Cell Phones on Roads

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Chandra Lundy Ms. Riquelme British Literature 27 February 2014 The Usage of Cellphones on the Road Nowadays we cannot imagine our lives without cellular phones. They became very important things and a part of everyday life for many Americans, and a lot of people rely on them to perform their daily activities. Cell phones have become so popular that the machines that at first were used only for making calls give a possibility now to email, send text messages, surf the internet, and perform a lot of different tasks. It is regrettable that many of these daily activities take place while a person is driving. As a result of that there are a lot of accidents during the last years occurred because of the road use of cellular phones while driving. To my mind, if people cannot focus on the road while talking on a cell phone at the same time, they shouldn’t talk at all while on the road. As our society is becoming increasingly prevalent in all aspects of today's society, they are becoming a distraction, especially among people who are driving. Using cellphones while driving creates a less ability to concentrate on the road and the danger surrounding the vehicle. I believe that banning the use of cellphones while driving would decrease collisions. Although the law banned drinking and driving, there are still collisions caused from drinking and driving. It is the number one cause of collisions across the globe. Driving and using a cell phone are two different activities that require total concentration, therefore they should not mix. Cell phone usage on roads are permitted by law in todays society, but more and more states are starting to campaign and enact legislation to limit the use of cellphones while driving. Often times imposing heavy fines to deter people from using their phones. When you are in the drivers seat, in class, or walking and you
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