Memorandum: Texting While Driving

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Memorandum To: [Sales Staff] From: [xxxxx] Date: [02/20/xx] Re: [Texting while driving] ------------------------------------------------- Recently it has come to our attention that our sales representatives have been using mobile phones while driving. Through the use of environmental scanning which is in an attempt to stay up to date on important factors in the industry, we have concluded that texting/talking while driving is a very serious problem and has recently been occurring more frequently (Williams, p. 51). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there are about 812,000 drivers using cell phones at any given time in the day. This is equivalent to about 11% of the drivers on the road (Halsey III,…show more content…
Our decision is to implement a no texting/talking while driving policy effective immediately. According to the concept of social responsiveness, we will be enacting a proactive strategy. This strategy is us trying to prevent an accident from ever occurring (Williams, p. 75). The safety of our sales representatives is critical to the success of the company as we drive all over the region to deliver product and generate new business. According to, drivers that use cell phones are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves (NHTSA, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Texting/talking while driving puts our company at serious risk of injuring employees and losing business. Our new policy not only protects the safety of our employees, but ensures that our product arrives safely to its final destination. The policy only applies when employees are clocked in and on company time. However, company policy states that a sales representative can engage in an important business call only if deemed necessary. If a company transaction calls for outside communication the sales representative is allowed to use his/her cell phone only in order to complete the transaction. Any violation of this policy is subject to immediate…show more content…
This principle holds that the law represents the minimal moral standards of society so you should never take any action that violates the law (Williams, p. 67). As a response to the increase in accidents and deaths reported from texting while driving President Obama has placed a ban on federal employee use of cell phones while they are behind the wheel. There has also been bans put in place in 18 states (Halsey III, The Washington Post). Our company will consider the president’s judgment as our own. If the president believes that texting while driving is a violation of the law, then according to the principle of government requirements we believe in this policy as

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