Teen Driving Essay

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Problem/Solution Essay One of the biggest problems facing teenagers today is the fact that they tend to ignore a lot of responsibilities,such as safe driving. Teens are the most unsafe group of drivers on the road. For teenagers; car accidents is their leading cause of death in the US. Some reports say that teens account for only 2% of all drivers, but they are responsible for more than 10% of all traffic accidents. A large portion of those accidents happen when one vehicle hits a wall, tree, or even slides off the side of the road, this shows that the cause is reckless driving. Someone showing off for their friend, sending and reading text messages on their phone, or just not paying attention to the road. A lot of teens like to show off when they drive, that's why they end up in a accident. There are many different solutions for this problem, but only a few could be realistic and actually work out. There are many people who think the driving age should be raised to 21, they say that people who start driving at 21 are less likely to be involved in crashes. That may be true. But if you stop teens from getting their driver licence until they turn 21 it would cause huge problems with our everyday lives. Their will be teenagers who cant go anywhere. Teens who have jobs wont be able to drive to work, they will have to rely public transportation and their family and friends. Teens who go to college would have to do the same thing. For a female teen it can be very dangerous using public transportation at night, and even for a male, and it isn’t even available everywhere. I think this solution will do nothing but cause more problems than it will solve. Some people may even suggest that students just need better driver’s education classes, or maybe just more classes, or more time behind the wheel. Now of course this could make us have more education to the subject
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