Cell Phone Use/Hands Free while Driving should be Banned

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One day a person was just being an average teen and goofing off, he was texting on his cell phone while driving about this cute girl he saw in class and the next minute… dead, all because he didn’t look at the road. He isn’t alone. Every year 2600 people are killed and 12,000 have serious injuries due to accidents involving cell phone use in the car. This does not just include the drivers themselves but harmless pedestrians as well. Cell phone usage and texting while driving is growing tremendously in the United States. When it comes to driving, we have to be very careful because not only can we harm our lives but others as well. Texting has become a new rave to teenagers. Every time a teenager has a bit of free time, they start texting to find out about the latest gossip. This includes when driving as well. To help with this problem, many companies are starting to add Bluetooth technology in their cars to create a hands free experience but, there are been almost no improvement. Studies show that the human brain struggles with having to look and listen at the same time. This thus, makes it hard for the driver and they become distracted while on the road. New drivers already have a hard time on the road because they have just gotten their license and do not know how to drive as well. Adding cell phones would just create more of a problem for them which ends up creating more car crashes. As a citizen, we must not only protect our own lives but try to keep other citizens safe as well. Banning the use of cell phones while driving in the United States would help keep the citizens safe and help us reach our goal of create a good community. The banishment would keep our citizens safe from the harm of careless driving because of cell phones. This will also keep early drivers from the temptation of texting with their friends. If we tighten the rules it would help the public

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