Cell Phones While Driving (Outline)

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I. Use of cell phones while driving should be illegal. II. Introduction A. Using cell phones while driving have many advantages, but people are trying to take that freedom away. B. Since the use of cell phones has become more common practice, accidents on the roads have increased in number. C. D. Important calls may need to be made, it is impractical to not talk on the phone at all when you are driving, and if you can’t multitask then you should not be driving at all. III. Body A. Important calls may need to be made. 1. Someone you are close with is in the hospital and you need to check up on them. –Personal Experience 2. Another event like those of September 11th, 2001 occur and you need to reach family/friends 3. Someone in your car is seriously sick/injured and you need to call for help. B. Practicality 1. Running late for work? Call in. 2. Someone’s birthday? Call them. 3. Need to remind your family/friends of something? Make a quick call. C. If you cannot multitask, then you should not be behind the wheel. 1. There are many things that need to be done while you are driving. 2. If you cannot do more things than one at once, then you cannot drive. 3. Talking is something done every day, by everyone. If you cannot do such a simple task along with operate a vehicle then driving is not for you. IV. Making calls while on the phone is not bad. There are many times when you may need to make an important call, and many more times where not making a call, and waiting until you are not driving is just stupid. Lastly, if you cannot do such a remedial task as talk while you are driving, then you should not be behind the
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