Should Handheld Cell Phones in Cars Be Outlawed?

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No matter how careful a driver you may be, when you do something else while driving, whether its drinking coffee, listening to music, scanning the GPS, or making a phone call, you endanger the people around you, and including yourself, because you are distracted from your driving. An accident needs only a couple microseconds to occur. Even though no state can ban people for changing radio stations or applying makeup while driving, all states can, and should, make it illegal to drive while talking on a cellular phone. Since the rise of popularity of cellphones in the past years, the number of accidents caused by people talking on their mobile devices has also increased. Whether they were in an argument, receiving a message, or simply dialing a number, they were momentarily distracted from the task of driving. And suddenly — kaboom! Luckily, many of these crashes have resulted in minor or no collisions, though it can cause a fright. However, all too many have been deadly accidents that could have been prevented by a stricter cellular phone usage policies (and others). Advocates of the cellphone issue may claim that talking on a cellphone is not as dangerous compared to eating a saucy chicken wrap while on the road or talking to someone in the backseat, for instance. Nevertheless, unlike a burrito, which you can put down between bites, you must keep the phone in your and. From this example, it can bee seen that only one hand will be on the wheel while you’re driving. That makes mobile devices bear double the risk. Not only are you focused on your conversation; you are also driving one-handed, which means you are less in control. If by chance you suddenly need to put both you are hands on the wheel to stop an accident or to keep your car from sliding, that interval of time it takes to get your hand on the wheel can make or break it, between a grave laceration to a
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