Distractions While Driving

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Tombeaker Mrs. gray American Literature 20 September 2011 Distractions While Driving While safety may be first in most people’s mind, it is typically last on our to-do lists. If you are concerned for your safety while driving you should avoid texting and talking on your cell phone, talking to passengers, eating and drinking, getting ready, and being a DJ. These five everyday bad habits while driving can be life threatening and by refraining from them you can save your self from the risk of a deadly accident. First on the list is texting and talking on the phone. Texting and talking on the phone can be dangerous and affect your driving by causing you to concentrate on the person you are talking to rather than the road. Not only does it make you more unaware of the road mentally but if you do not have a Bluetooth headset or speaker phone then you will only have one free hand to drive with. If you are fully engaged in a conversation your emotions can change from one topic to another. It is never safe to drive while being upset about something. If you are fighting our having an important conversation while texting or talking on the phone make sure to pull over and wait till it is over. Ignore the phone call or text if it is not important. One glance down at your phone even if only for 5 seconds can cause you to run a red light or hit into the car in front or behind you. Texting and talking is dangerous while driving and is not worth causing an accident. Second on the list is talking to fellow passengers. Conversing with others in the car is an easy thing to get caught up in. Typically we all have conversations with those in the car with us. It is human nature to have the urge to share our opinions and express our emotions. Since society depends on cars for transportation most everyday sometimes car rides are the only

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