Cell Phones Are a Distraction

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Cell Phones are a Distraction Distractions while driving take the operator’s attention away from the road. This poses a serious risk to the driver, vehicle occupants, pedestrians, property, and more. Distractions, like using a cell phone while driving can be fatal. Several states have enforced driving laws that restrict and prohibit using the device while driving. Driving requires ones attention at all times and when using a phone the operator is not paying attention to the road but to the screen to read a text, send a message, or to end/ receive a call. Although cell phones are great to have in case of an emergency situation, the cell phone in itself can be the cause of the emergency. Talking on cellular phones affects a person in several ways. For example, the emotional stress involved in a conversation can lead to a decreased awareness of what is happening on the road. Having to dial phone numbers and answering calls can really take your attention away from the road. It is hard to look at the dangers of using a cellular phone when there are so many good uses. Many people depend on their phone for many aspects of their job and could not get by without it. It is possible for them to take a minute and get off of the road and talk before heading back out. This would decrease the number of accidents a great deal. When every state passes legislation on cell phones the roads will be safer. People need to take the time and make phone calls either parked, or before or after going to their next location. Society also needs to understand that text messaging may be convenient but the message cannot be so important that it cannot wait 10-15 minutes before being answered. There are thousands of car accidents because the operator is not paying attention to the road; when a car suddenly breaks it just takes a second to notice, and if you as a driver is choosing to be on
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