Using Cell Phone in Car

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Do you like talking on a cell phone while driving? Have you ever considered that talking on the phone while driving raises the risk of crashes? In years past when people innovate cell phone technology, people start use it while they're driving. Despite, there are no doubt about using cell phones while driving contributes to accidents; but, people don't care about this problem. They keep use it while they driving; even though they have known the numerous affects of using it in car. In this world there are many people who are died because this problem. In particular, today's society should abolish the use of cell phone while driving the car for three reasons. The first and most important reason for abolitions using cellular phone while driving is that it is raise the risk of crash. From years past, people are using cell phone. Clearly, we have learned the benefits of cell phone; for example, we can conduct business, stay in touch with our family and friends, and let people know if we are running late. In the other hand of these benefits, we have known that talking on a cell can pose a serious risk for the driver because it distract driver from driving. The studies over the world found that talking on the phone while driving raises the risk of crashes. There is another reason to prohibit using the cell in car is distracting people from driving. In this day there are more than 1.35 billion mobile phones, and in some countries more than half of the population own these devices. In the united states there are more than 224 million people used wireless phone while driving in 2006, when we compared that with approximately 4.3 million in 1990, according to the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. there is a danger associated with driving and using a cell-phone. Even though, people know those affects, they continue to use it. We can see that people can
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