Using Cell Phones In Certain Places Should Not Be Allowed

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Beyond doubt, the cell phone is one of the biggest inventions of all time. We all know what life before this little cute gadget was. I use my cell phone to make my life easier – it’s my alarm clock, my watch, and my music player. Unfortunately, nowadays with all these fancy characteristics the phone becomes an accessory more then a necessity. People forget why and where they are using their phone and very often make someone else’s life miserable. There are common everyday places where using a cell phone puts others lives in danger or significantly disrupts others and even our important conversations can not be excused. In a car, on a plane, or at school are very important examples of cell phone free zones. Many people believe that there is nothing wrong with having a conversation on the cell phone in a car, but they are wrong. Utah psychologists have made a clear warning against cell phone use while driving and stated: “Drivers on cell phones are as bad as drunks” (no name,Drews, Siegel & Strayer, 2006). According to their preliminary study hands-free cell phones are just as distracting as handheld cell phones because the conversation itself distracts drivers from road conditions. (Drews, Siegel & Strayer, 2006). Many people think that the modern technology can help to make cell phones safe and easy in the car. However, they are wrong because the dangers continue after the call ends. According to Sodhi research, holding the cell phone and talking on the phone is not the main problem, the thinking while and after the conversation is (“Cell Phones Trigger Tunnel Vision”, 2002). These studies and research give great reasons why cars should be a cell phone free zone. Everyone knows the rule that on an airplane they are not aloud to use their cell phone. Surprisingly, the desire of passengers wanting to use their cell phones is increasing (Mobile Communications).

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