Prohibition of Texting and Driving

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Should the use of cell phones be prohibited while driving? In 21 century, the number of people using their cell phones in their everyday lives is constantly increasing. You see people using their cellphones while walking down the road, eating their lunch, or even riding on the bus. Because of this, we often hear that some accidents are caused by using cell phones while driving, but should the use of cell phones be prohibited while driving? In my opinion, cell phones should not be prohibited while driving: to some extent, we need to use cell phones while driving. One of the most desirable features of using a cell phone is the ability to keep in constant contact with friends and family members while everyone is at a different location. However, most people said that it is dangerous to use cell phones while driving. In order to prevent accidents from happening we can use Bluetooth headsets. The usage of Bluetooth headsets can be less distracting; having it on the ear at all times and setting the Auto Answer option on the cell phone can result effectively. There are many differences between using headphones and calling or talking while driving in your car. If this is said to be the main reason why cellphones should be prohibited by driving, nobody should be able to talk to the driver while he or she is driving. In fact, sometimes it’s necessary to answer cellphones while driving. For example, your good friend wanted to tell you he was in trouble. At that time you could think it might be an accident or something that is an emergency. He needs your help, and you are the only one who can help him. If you did not answer the call, the accident would happen and it would cause you to regret forever. In this case, even one minute is important. However, if someone calls you just to have a talk, the driver has the opportunity to say, "let's talk later because I’m driving

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