Texting While Driving Laws

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Alexis Drelich English 3 Honors Akins 21 August 2015 Florida Texting While Driving Laws: Are They Enough to Save Lives? In this day and age most things are based off of technology and are fast. This can be very helpful in some ways but detrimental in others. People feel the need to use their phones while driving, but sometimes are not able to press send. Texting and driving is a leading cause of accidents that can result in serious injuries or even death. The state of Florida has provided many resources to inform people on the effects of texting and driving. They have implemented texting and driving laws, and advertise in public environments. Although these resources are helpful, Florida can still do even more with their laws to prevent…show more content…
The law is a good start to making our roads safer, but has some flaws, “That is, if law enforcement officers catch people texting while driving, they can't pull them over. The law defines texting as a secondary offense, which means that to be stopped, the offender first must be caught committing another type of driving infraction” (Sun Sentinel). Having a law in place pushes most people to stop texting and driving, but does not incriminate enough of a consequence for more people to follow it. Florida should revise their law to be able to be pulled over if seen texting and driving even if there was not another violation. Texting and driving is enough of a violation in itself. Texting and driving is a wonderful tool, but only when it is used…show more content…
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