Cell Phone, Texting and Society

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Cell Phone, Texting and Society Cell phone texting is dangerous and destructible to society. This is a sad but true fact, for the simple reasons of the distractions they cause. When a person has access to a cell phone and wants to say something to another person carrying a cell phone, they can just type on a keyboard and press a button. Due to the advancements in technology these days it is delivered to the person on the receiving end of the cell phone. Most would say that this a great convenient way to say whatever they need to say to someone, Although, I tend to disagree strongly about this. The person sending the text may not have anything to do at the moment, although, the person on the receiving end could be concentrating on something very important. For example driving, if the person receiving the text is driving, and concentrating on the road in front of them when the text comes through to them, the driver is then distracted and engages into a conversation with the cell phone. Therefore, creating a huge life threatening experience for not only the receiver of the text, and surrounding traffic as well. Putting not only their lives in danger, but oncoming traffic as well that may be carrying valuable contents like children in the vehicle. According to AAA foundations for traffic safety there are the following facts about distracted driving. Drivers spend more than half their time behind the wheel engaged in distracted behavior. More than 8,000 crashes a day are caused by distracted driving, the use of a cell phone while driving quadruples the risk of an accident occurring. 87% of drivers (including myself), agree with laws put into place against reading, typing, or texting while driving behind the wheel. I feel there should be stiff laws in place to eliminate or lessen the use of texting and driving, due to the severity of harm it may cause. Another great
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