Why Is Texting While Driving Important

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March 29, 2012 Texting While Driving Texting while driving is the act of reading, sending, or composing a text message while behind the wheel of an automobile. Texting while driving is becoming an increasing threat on the road, as texting is becoming an important part of American’s lives. If you think you’ve mastered the art of texting while driving, you’re wrong. Texting while driving severely decreases awareness, and makes it easier to be involved in an accident. Texting while driving has become a major cause of accidents, especially among young drivers. When texting, you are too focused on your conversation instead of the road. This not only puts the driver of the vehicle is harms way; it creates an unsafe environment for all those in and around the automobile. Is a text message really that important? I highly believe that texting while driving should be illegal. It not only distracts the driver but also puts others in a dangerous situation. In order to eliminate texting while…show more content…
I also plan on using a story of a girl from Decatur, Texas that I use to know that died due to texting while driving. Along with that I plan on conducting a survey among my classmates to see how many people believe that texting while driving is dangerous, and to see how many of them do it even while knowing the consequences. I want to make it clear that anyone can be a victim of texting while driving. I want to find statistics of deaths due to texting while driving, to make the readers realize how often accidents occur to distracted drivers. My hopes for my paper are to persuade the readers that texting while driving s a dangerous activity. To persuade them that the consequences of texting while driving outweigh the benefits of reading a text message behind the wheel. A text message is not worth dying or causing harm to others

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