Distracted Driving Essay

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Distracted driving is killing nearly 6,000 people a year, and causing more than 500,000 cases resulting in injuries, many of them life-changing, and this is only within the United States. By changing the law, we can make our roads safer and provide drivers much better chances of avoiding an accident. Let alone, according to the Florida Driver’s Association, the state of Florida has close to 250,000 vehicle crashes every year. Being the most common cause careless or distracted driving. Which implies that the driver was not aware of the traffic, corners, width of the road or any pedestrians close by. As a matter of fact, the principal cause of distraction while driving is cellphone use. This is why I believe that the law should be arranged accordingly to properly address this matter immediately. For example in my state, Florida, the total handheld device ban should be applied to all drivers, disregarding their age or license type. Having any device in your hands while driving is extremely dangerous and can lead to many serious consequences. First, by occupying our hands while using our phones or any other electronic device, such as tablets, GPS, or mp3 players we are increasing the risk of loosing proper control of the car with less time to react to any possible situation or to avoid any possible crash. Second, the use of cellphones while driving require us to look away from the road, making the risk of having an accident even bigger since we are not completely aware of our surroundings. Moreover, another aspect of this law that should be addressed immediately is to prohibit all bus drivers the use of cellphones or electronic devices at all time while driving, even with the “hands-free” devices. The distraction from cellphone use does not only come by texting or looking at the screen of the device for any other specific reason such as looking at pictures, or

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